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Legal Update

October 9, 2019 JCV vs. ROCKWOOL ET AL. (PILOT CASE) Summary — On November 2, 2018 JCV filed the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the PILOT arrangement and asserting that Rockwool should not be given preferential treatment and should pay their fair share of taxes just like other Jefferson County taxpayers. Latest Updates —On June 6, 2019 Judge Hammer heard arguments regarding the PILOT lawsuit and on August 8 issued his decision which stated that “[t]he Court agrees with the plaintiff’s contention that the PILOT is defective on its face: The only two essential parties to the PILOT are Rockwool and the JCDA. Absent the JCDA’s assent evidenced by a vote of its board, the PILOT is not an enforceable agreement – it is merely a proposal.” JCV is pleased with Judge Hammer’s decision in this matter since it held that the PILOT agreement was invalid even without needing to reach the issue of constitutionality.

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Is rock wool “toxic”? Rockwool/Roxul, Inc. insists that its air emissions are “safe” because its processes, and predicted operational releases, fall within the EPA’s permissible limits for such emissions. Now it attempts to claim those emissions are not toxic.

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