The Orchard and NorthPort Station

What Happened to NorthPort? The City of Ranson, Jefferson County, WV was a leader in the “Sustainable Cities” movement before Rockwool. We received over $1 million in planning grants and assistance from three federal agencies to integrate affordable housing, economic development, and transportation to build a livable community. Ranson was one of only two cities, of 1,700 who applied, to get all three grants: DOT, EPA and HUD. The NorthPort Feasibility Plan that showcased the idea of a multi-modal community featuring 1,000 homes (single family, townhomes and apartments), 10 parks and 800,000 sq ft of office and commercial space. What happened? Rockwool came to town and secretly negotiated a rezoning application giving them an extra 100 acres of industrial land, a Land Use Restriction Agreement and a Right to First Refusal.  Rockwool has removed the legal avenues to build homes at Jefferson Orchards.  No homes means no mixed-use community built around mass transit connecting us to Washington, D.C. And there goes our real-life Sustainable City vision up Rockwool’s 21 story smokestacks. Never to return. CCAR/JCV Community Sourced Website Submit Additions or Edits: