WHAT HAPPENED? On March 18, 2019, the Charles Town City Council ignored the will of the people and approved the bond ordinance to build sewer access to the Rockwool factory by a vote of 5-3.

WHAT CAN WE DO? SIGN THE BLUE PETITION, West Virginia provides a Protest Provision for this action, 30% of the freeholders trigger the super majority — meaning, only two council member votes could stop the issue in its tracks. This will trigger a new set of decisions and challenges for Rockwool and the city, but the people will have been heard.

WHAT NEXT? Petitioners will be in your neighborhoods collecting signatures for THE BLUE PETITION. There is not much time, and the race is on.

WHAT IS THE IMPACT ON RATEPAYERS? Under Section 5.5, the Charles Town City Council can force Rockwool to pay for every penny of its own sewer line, upfront.  However the sewer bond would build a system far bigger than Rockwool needs, as part of plans for a 1,000 acre industrial zone along Route 9.  This plan will support more heavy industry in the area. There’s no ratepayer impact if we don’t build sewers for a future industrial park, and big companies like Rockwool and property developers pay for their own sewer connections.

WHAT MAKES THIS PETITION DIFFERENT? They don’t want to listen to the community they serve.   The new Blue Petition has a clear legal avenue to stopping the bond, provided for by state statute, at a hearing planned in a few weeks.


CTBC Sewer Ordinance UNSIGNED (as of 3/24/19): Click Here to View


CCBC Sewer Ordinance UNSIGNED (as of 3/24/19): Click Here to View


Help us react to the vote and STAND with the Councilmen who stood for US! This petition will give the power back to the Councilmen who heard you. Watch for additional information in the coming days!

RED TENT EVENT Disclaimer: We are waiting on our permit for the tables for this weekend but should get notified as early as tomorrow (03/27/19). Subject to changes.

Confirm Charles Town (Dist. 03) Residency http://jefferson.softwaresystems.com/index.html

stop taxpayer subsidized sewer for heavy industry