• Patricia Stephenson

    Patricia StephensonI am a single issue voter this year. Why? I care about many issues but this year my vote will be cast solely on the basis of whether a candidate will help us oppose Rockwool. They can believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy for all I care so long as they pledge to deliver us from evil. I live a mile from the Rockwool site. I retired here 9 years ago and bought a farm that needed some serious fixing up. I super-insulated the house, used recycled, “green”, and “made in America” building materials, installed solar, installed a “cool” ... Read full testimonial
  • Jeff Hynes

    Jeff HynesJeff Hynes, Resident Charles Town, WV So folks ask “why do you fight when it is looks like Rockwool will win anyways…” I moved to West Virginia in 2011 to start a family and buy my first home. Like many, when asked why i chose this state i pointed out the quick access to Winchester, Leesburg, Frederick, Martinsburg, and even Washington. I mentioned the low home prices and taxes. I mentioned the number of grocery stores and ease of running a household….All things mentioned were about the low cost and ease of living…..Those things have not changed in my mind but i have ... Read full testimonial
  • Georgia DuBose

    Georgia DuBoseStatement to the City of Charles Town Council About the Planned Rockwool Plant My name is Georgia DuBose. I live in Cavalier Estates near Harpers Ferry with my husband, Bob DuBose, and have lived in Jefferson County most of the time since 1976. I came here when I was 29. I raised my two children here. I am here tonight to voice my opposition to the planned Rockwool plant in Ranson, West Virginia My first job in Jefferson County, in 1977, was as an information specialist for the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau when John van Tol was head of that ... Read full testimonial