UPDATE: September 15, 2018

In case you missed it, I’m Lindsey and I’m overseeing our legal team. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m an experienced project manager, and mom of two. We’ve got an amazing team of volunteer lawyers, law firms, and experts working to rid our county of RockWool and hold our Government accountable for their actions. We have also hired a local firm, whose name will be released soon, to represent us in Court. Your legal brain trust is working on a lot of different angles to stop this project as soon as the big legal machine allows.

FIRST: Rockwool’s “scare letter’ doesn’t scare us. It makes us mad. It is infuriating that this foreign company came in and pulled the “wool” over the eyes of (at least some) our county officials and then threaten a one hundred million dollar lawsuit – that is absurd.

This project took a while to get started and it’s going to take some time to shut it down. NO we are NOT going to tell Rockwool (or their apologists) all of the really good (legal) reasons that they are NOT going to be able to build their big ugly 210 foot smokestack plant in our Jefferson Orchards.

One of our lawyers told me that the rockwool letter was lawyerly chest thumping. Really loud (Really obnoxious if you ask me) and pretty meaningless. There is no way Rockwool can prove a hundred let alone ten million dollars in “damages” in court on this project. What they are doing is threatening us and our county officials. Our county officials have a variety of defenses and protections available to them if they decide to act to stop Rockwool. We are starting the process to educate them and Rockwool very soon.

Rockwool Letter Threatening Legal Action: Click Here to View Letter
CCAR/JCV – Our Response to FOIA Requests: Click Here to View
Project Status Summary by W. Rohrbaugh: Click Here to View Status

Second: What really matters is what happens in court. We are looking at a number of legitimate ways that this process was done incorrectly. When we file the lawsuits (which we plan to do – and soon…) you will know just what we mean. I hope you understand. Actions speak louder than words. We are getting ready to act.

Third: If you want to know how to help, here’s what we need. We need your continued support. Last night, in 12 hours, you gave $8,000! You guys are incredible. My family donated financially as well, so I understand what a big ask it is of us to request your financial commitment. It is going to take that kind of effort to keep this going. Rockwool is a 3 Billion Dollar company, but we are Jefferson County West Virginians.

Montani Semper Liberie – that’s the state motto

Mountaineers are always free, and we are going to be free from Rockwool.

Please keep the financial resources coming so your legal brain trust can keep on working and we can pay the outside firms to do their job too! If you are an attorney and would like to volunteer your time to support our team, please email us at LCVLegalTeam@gmail.com.


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